Aspartate Transcarbomylase Enzyme Native Trimer

Structure of Aspartate Transcarbomylase (1gq3) in JSmol

(Structure displays using JSmol and HTML5. If you don't see a structure try an alternate browser.)

spin on / spin off
Show Lys and Arg in spacefill.
Show Protein as cartoons
Change Protein to spacefilling model.
Make each subunit a different color.
Color protein blue
Hydrophilic AA in blue, hydrophobic in yellow.
Cut halfway through ATCase to see the interior (best in spacefilling view and in conjunction with the above command).
Restore original view.

Use the commands above to see alternate views of the structure. You can manipulate the structure directly with the mouse on a computer or with your finger on a touch device (see Brief JSmol Instructions).

The image above shows the structure of only a small part of the mediator complex.

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