The Albeck Lab

We are part of theMolecular and Cellular Biology Department

Our Lab Wiki can be found here: Lab Wiki

Current Lab Members

Principal Investigator

John Albeck ||Bio

John is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Molecular and Cell Biology. He joined UC Davis in the summer of 2013.

Postdoctoral Scholars

Michael Pargett

Michael studies how cells process information in signaling pathways using model-based computational biology techniques. He completed his PhD at Purdue University and joined the lab at the start of 2014.

Graduate Students

Taryn Gillies

Taryn is a 2nd year graduate student in theBMCDB graduate group. She studies the influence of genetic and environmental noise on cell fate decision making during development.

Breanne Sparta

Breanne is a 2nd year graduate student in theBMCDB graduate group. She studies cellular mechanisms of encoding and decoding dynamic information.

Lab Personnel

Kevin Distor || Github

Kevin works with image analysis and general lab programming. He graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Biotechnology (Bioinformatics).

Marta Minguet

Marta prepares cell cultures and does lab biotechnology. She comes from University of LLeida, Spain with a Masters in Biotechnology (Applied Health Science).

Carolyn Teragawa

Carolyn runs microscopy experiments for the lab and does cell culture.

Undergraduate Students

Kice Atai

Kice is a 3rd year Cell Biology Major at UC Davis. He is investigating density dependent signaling.

Bijan Varjavand

Bijan is an intern from Davis High School. He is developing new biosensors for live cell microscopy.