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Welcome to the Chédin Laboratory!

My laboratory is interested in elucidating the molecular mechanisms of epigenetic patterning in the human genome and how these mechanisms go awry in the context of human auto-immune disorders and cancer.

In particular, we aim to understand how DNA methylation patterns are established and maintained, with a focus on the role of R-loop structure formation in epigenomic patterning.

Our work spans from biochemical, molecular genetics, and cell culture approaches up to innovative high-throughput genomics strategies backed by computational analyses.

Please visit our Research page and Publications page if you want to learn more about what we do.

My lab is located in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology within the College of Biological Sciences at UC Davis, one of the ten campuses of the University of California. Our two closest UC neighbors are UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco. Stanford University is located about two hours away (see map of the area).
My lab is affiliated with the following Institutions, Departments, and Graduate Programs.



Funding Resources Awarded by:

The Hartwell Foundation

Nat Institute of General Medical Sciences

March of Dimes



 Contact Info: Frédéric Chédin
 Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology
 The University of California at Davis
 One Shields Ave.
 Davis, CA 95616

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