As a professional cell biologist/scientist, I argue that this is the most important course you will take as an undergraduate at UC Davis. First, it is a unique opportunity to bring together the facts you memorized in previous courses and apply them to something practical. Second, you will learn many practical things in this course that you can put on a resume to impress potential employers. Third, this course gives you a real opportunity to critically think in a practical way. Finally, because of the small section sizes I will get to know many of you personally. This provides you with valuable contact time with a professor, someone who can be your advocate going forward in your careers. 

Even with the many advances in molecular biology (sequencing genomes for example) the future in my opinion lies with cell biology. We want to know how all the parts of a cell work together normally and what happens when those same parts fail to work and give rise to human disease. Join me in thinking* about cells and the future of biology this quarter. © K.B. Kaplan 2012