MCB Covid-19 Announcements

For online instruction, it may be more effective if instructors were to offer in advance, a pre-recorded, short lecture for students to prepare for each session (they would be almost like a reading assignment). Then, at the time of the class, the instructor appears online via ZOOM to answer questions and clarify the material. Here, it would be more effective if a TA or someone would help the instructor to read the chat room (and to open the microphone to students if the instructors want to make it more engaging). To avoid chaos, it would be better if instructors schedule the ZOOM sessions as Personal Meetings (with or without a password). That way, each instructor would have a unique ZOOM number rather than students having to figure out a meeting number associate with each session (generated automatically by ZOOM). For lectures (whether they will be short or full lectures), it is important to leave room in each slide to add a live video of the instructor (the so-called picture-in-picture, PIP). Students pay more attention when there is a video of the instructor (explaining the slides). It takes an enormous effort to edit, but with a Macintosh, it is also possible to be interactive like the "the weatherman." On the other extreme, one can also Record Slide Show directly in PowerPoint. -- Walter Leal


This software allows you to upload your slides and then talk over them and use a white board to explain. It is not super intuitive but I am happy to run a workshop for faculty in our department if somebody wants to use it.

Explain Everything -- Silvia Carrasco Garcia


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