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Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology

This slideshow contains images from research and recent events in MCB.

Founded in 1993, the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology is a dynamic and successful center of higher education with an international reputation for high quality teaching and research.

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Recent Publications

  • Wang H, Brust-Mascher I, Civelekoglu-Scholey G, Scholey JM. (2013) Patronin mediates a switch from kinesin-13-dependent poleward flux to anaphase B spindle elongation. J Cell Biol 203, 35-46
  • Feoktistova K, Tuvshintogs E, Do A, Fraser CS.. (2013) Human eIF4E promotes mRNA restructuring by stimulating eIF4A helicase activity. PNAS 110, 13339-44
  • Civelekoglu-Scholey G, He B, Shen M, Wan X, Roscioli E, Bowden B, Cimini D. (2013) ) Dynamic bonds and polar ejection force distribution explain kinetochore oscillations in PtK1 cells. J Cell Biol 201, 577-93
  • Roberts, N.J., G. Morieri, G. Kalsi, A. Rose, J. Stiller, A. Edwards, F. Xie, P.M. Gresshoff, G.E.D. Oldroyd, J.A. Downie, and M.E. Etzler. (2013) Rhizobial and mycorrhizal symbioses in Lotus japonicas require lectin nucleotide phosphohydrolase, which acts upstream of calcium signaling. Plant Physiology 161, 556-567
  • Emami, S., D. Arumainayagam, I. Korf, and A.B. Rose. (2013) The effects of a stimulating intron on the expression of heterologous genes in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Biotechnology Journal 11, 555-563