Chedin Lab Assistant Project Scientist

The Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of California, Davis invites applications for one Assistant Project Scientist.

The Project Scientist makes significant and creative contributions to a research or creative project in his/her academic discipline. The appointee possesses the subject matter expertise and the creative energy necessary to function at a high level of competence. The appointee will participate in activities to increase, improve, or upgrade competency. Appointees with Project Scientist titles may engage in University and public service. They do not have teaching responsibilities. Although the Project Scientist is expected to work independently under the general guidance of an academic member with an independent research program (i.e., Professor, Professional Researcher, Specialist in Cooperative Extension, etc), he/she is not required to develop an independent research program or reputation. He/she will carry out research or creative programs with supervision by an individual in an academic title that carries with it automatic Principal Investigator status. The Project Scientist does not usually serve as a Principal Investigator but may do so by exception. 

Position Description:

Research (95%)

Research Activity (80%) - This position requires creative contributions to and collaborative development of an active research program investigating topics relevant to understanding the formation, regulation, and consequences of co-transcriptional R-loop formation in mammalian cells. Overall, the candidate will develop and maintain computational pipelines required to analyze genomics datasets aimed at revealing how cells respond transcriptionally to disruptions in co-transcriptional RNA processing. This includes alterations in nascent transcription splicing patterns, R-loop landscapes and DNA double-strand break locations. The candidate will help to determine research goals in consultation with the Principal Investigator. He/she will design specific projects, including the selection of appropriate methods and techniques. The candidate is expected to play an important role training students or postdocs regarding the technical aspects of the research, including methods development, trouble-shooting problems, interpreting results and planning follow-up experiments.

Publication (10%) - The candidate will publish research results in peer-reviewed journals, books and other outlets either independently or in collaboration with the PI or other members of the research team. 

Grant Acquisition (5%) - The candidate will assist in acquiring proposals for funding from federal and state agencies and other funding organizations. The candidate will prepare and assist in the preparation of reports as required by granting agencies. The candidate will interact with funding agencies and prepare modifications of budgets and other grant components as needed. 

Professional Competence (5%) The candidate will participate in professional societies and conferences appropriate to his/her specific field and will serve as a reviewer of research proposals and scientific publications as appropriate. The candidate will attend seminars to present research results and may give oral presentations to public and professional interest groups. When appropriate, the candidate may coordinate and/or give presentations at seminars, laboratory meetings or educational functions.

Basic qualifications (required at time of application):

PhD in a field related to molecular and cellular biology, genomics, or bioinformatics.

Demonstrated ability to analyze large genomics datasets generated through Illumina and PacBio sequencing platforms. 

Intimate knowledge of standard genomics pipelines (QC, read mapping, filtering, counting, DESeq2, samtools, bedtools).

Demonstrated experience analyzing datasets from expression studies (RNA-seq and nascent sequencing), protein binding (ChIP-seq), R-loop mapping (DRIP-seq), DNA break mapping (END-seq), and splicing isoforms annotation. 

Coding skills (Python, R, C++).

Clear record of sustained and impactful publications.

Preferred qualifications:

Demonstrated use of online code repository (GitHub).

Strong communication experience.

Position Available/Closing Date:

December 5, 2023

Apply by this date to ensure full consideration by the committee. 


To apply, please use UC Davis Recruit 

Qualified applicants should upload a cover letter, a research statement describing their research experience and skills, and a curriculum vitae. Statement of Contributions to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion -Contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion documented in the application file will be used to evaluate applicants. Visit for guidelines about writing a statement and why one is requested.

Also provide contact information for three references.

Documents must be submitted as PDF files.


Please direct questions to Dr. Frederic Chedin,