The Aggie Transcript wins the 2018 CSI Leadership Award for Advancing Academic and Career Goals

2018 CSI Leadership Award for Advancing Academic and Career Goals

Rachel Hull (BMB), Bukre Coskun (CBI), along with UC Davis Chancellor Gary S. May

The Advancing Academic and Career Goals Award recognizes a registered student organization that successfully promotes academic achievement and provides opportunities for a diverse range of students to explore new areas of interest and develop academic and/or professional qualifications for future success.

The Aggie Transcript is a student-run life sciences journal that provides a platform for undergraduates to publish their perspectives on science with its role in society, scientific literature reviews and case studies. Members develop strong communication, interpersonal and teamwork skills through the writing, editing, review and approval process, which requires the exchange of constructive criticism among peers. Through its fostering of professional skills, exploration of new areas of interest, and academic qualifications, The Aggie Transcript sets up its members for future success.

MCB members of the editorial board include the Editor-in-Chief Madison Daugherty (BMB) and senior editors Rachel Hull (BMB), Bukre Coskun (CBI), Anna Kirillova (CBI), Cathy Go (BMB), Bardia Ghayoumi (BMB), and alumni editor Lauren Uchiyama (BMB). MCB Professor Sean Burgess serves as the faculty advisor. For more information on undergraduate student publishing opportunities visit